Montessori Home Consulting

Looking for assistance in setting up a Home Montessori Environment?

Looking for some in-home Montessori Guidance for your child?

The preparation of the home environment, and of the things in it, is the first external act of a deeper transformation which consists of learning according to his/her natural tendencies of the child. 
Environmental Montessori design for your home allows your child (or children) to develop skills through movement to aid in their independence and self-confidence. A Montessori Infant/Toddler Home Environment will help them in their life long adventure and understanding of the world. 
A Montessori room for your child allows the possibilities of movement into the entire room, which will open a whole world of interest.

As an RECE and Montessori Teacher, I will work with you to design and set up your dream Home Montessori Environment. Also will work with your child in your home for some one on one guidance.

Consulting Services include:​​

  • Environmental Design/Set-up for the child to continue to grow and develop. Using appropriate furniture and activities to support each developmental stage.
  • Organizing and arranging rooms in the home including the bedroom, playroom, and/or kitchen with child-sized furniture, various activities, and materials.
  • Setting up activities, keeping in mind safety and organization, incorporating Movement, Independence, Language, Math, and Science into the home.
  • Ideas for activities and toys/materials, plan for rotation.
  • Working with your child/children 1:1 within your Home environment, to teach them the routine and organization of the design, while following the Montessori Philosophy.
  • Follow-up on the environment design and routine.

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