School and Child Care Consulting

Opening a Child Care or Montessori School? Opening a Home-Child Care?

Looking to update or make changes to your centre or school?

Not sure where to start?

I am here to help!

Opening and Setting up a School or Child Care can be a daunting task that can take 6 - 24 months to complete. I am here to help with over 15 years experience, including opening and updating schools, centres, and home-child care following the Ministry of Education requirements.

I will work with you to provide innovative solutions to assist with starting or updating an existing business. Consulting will help you to relieve the stress and achieve your goals.

Providing a range of services that can be customized depending on your needs and budget.

Services include:

  • Initial consultation meeting
  • Establishing Needs and Feasibility
  • Developing a Business Management Plan
  • Designing a program following the Philosophy of the centre
  • Planning and preparing the environment
  • Developing Policies and Procedures following the Ministry of Education Requirements
  • Understanding of the CCEYA, 2014
  • Observing the space, and designing of the different areas.
  • Discussion on timeline of preparation.
  • Ordering of Materials and Furniture
  • Overview of Program Curriculum
  • Finalizing the design.
  • Creating record keeping and documentation as per the Ministry of Education Policies.
  • Hiring and Training Staff
  • Business and Site Management
  • Preparing the environment to suit your needs
  • Support Services

    Packages can be customized depending on your Needs and Budget.

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